Another Day, Another Electric Bike Doing A Backflip

BY Cameron Newland

Some BMX guys were doing a demo and decided to backflip an Easy Motion electric bike. Thankfully, they got it on film.

A video posted by EvoElsykler (@evoelsykler) on

It must be freezing in Norway, so it sort of makes sense that they were doing backflips indoors.

A hat tip to EVO Elsykler for posting the video. If you’re over in Norway, you can even buy the Easy Motion Evo 27.5 that was used in the video for only 29,900 Norwegian kroner (however much that is!). I’d ask them to take a good look at the rear wheel and make sure its spokes are trued before you buy it, considering how hard the landing was.

If you want to see a cleaner landing on an e-bike backflip, look no further.