Overvolted Shop Visit – Bike Attack Electric+ in Santa Monica, CA

BY Cameron Newland

Today, I paid a visit to the friendly team at Bike Attack Electric+ in Santa Monica, just two blocks from the beach and only 15 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles.

Bike Attack Electric, Santa Monica, CA

Bike Attack Electric+ opened in February 2015 and has a sister shop, Bike Attack, that has operated in the area for 20 years and primarily sells traditional bicycles.

Stromer Electric Bikes at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica, CA

Bike Attack Electric+ is the largest Stromer dealer in Southern California and has many Stromer ST1s and Stromer ST2s in stock, so if you’re looking to test drive a Stromer in Los Angeles, Bike Attack Electric should be your starting point. The shop also stocks the very popular Easy Motion line of bikes, and is also certified to service Bosch and Bionx systems. Here’s a full list of the brands carried at Bike Attack Electric+:

Brands Carried At Bike Attack Electric+

  • Stromer
  • Easy Motion
  • Focus
  • Kalkhoff
  • Felt
  • A2B
  • OHM
  • BESV
  • Cannondale
  • Bionx
  • Mando
  • eLux
Easy Motion and Felt Electric Bicycles at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica, CA

Co-owner Andrew Smith says that Bike Attack Electric+ aims to be the highest quality ebike shop in L.A., to carry the best brands, and to offer the best customer service, and though the shop is picky about what brands it chooses to sell, Bike Attack Electric+ will service any brand of electric bike. Smith reports that his shop has performed service on quite a few low-cost Sondors electric bikes, mirroring the experience of Bay Area ebike dealer Motostrano, which has also seen customers bring in their Sondors ebikes for assembly and/or service.

A Cannondale Lefty Electric Bike at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica, CA

A 2016 Cannondale Lefty electric bike at Bike Attack Electric+

Bike Attack Electric’s customers range from bike messengers to weekend warriors, and Bike Attack Electric fits in quite well with L.A.’s Westside neighborhoods, which have convenient beachside bicycle paths and lots of people riding around on beach cruisers. Bike Attack Electric also carries a selection of fatbikes from Felt and ELUX which can also be ridden on sand, and which would serve as decent solutions to transport surfboards between home and the beach (with a purpose-built surfboard cargo carrier, obviously).

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  • Kasandra Lucille Banks-Stuart

    I need someone to change my 3 wheel Schwinn 36 volt to a 49 volt wheel. I have the new wheel and battery but I can’t undo the nuts on the axle to try to change it myself. Any ideas?