Black Friday Sales On Electric Bikes

BY Cameron Newland
electric bike sale

Late fall and winter are usually the best times to get a deal on an electric bike because most dealers are trying to get rid of their stock of bikes from the current model year so that they can make room for next year’s inventory, and this year, there are a few electric bike dealers that are offering compelling deals on electric bikes on Black Friday (or Saturday, for one dealer).

Seattle E-bike’s Black Saturday Sale offers up to 50%-off certain models, and the shop will also allow you to put just 30% down on an e-bike and pay the remainder within 30 days so that you can take advantage of Black Saturday pricing while still giving yourself a few weeks to cough up the dough.

Wisconsin-based Crazy Lenny’s Ebikes is having a blowout on 2015 Haibikes, including the 2015 XDURO RX 29″ for only $1,995 (over 40%-off retail!) which comes with a free electric hoverboard which is valued at $600. Even if you don’t want a hoverboard, it might make sense to buy one of these sale bikes and subsequently sell the hoverboard to make your purchase even cheaper.

The IZIP Store in Santa Monica is offering a free accessories kit with headlight, taillight, cable lock and cargo rack with the purchase of an ebike, and installation is free.

Bay Area dealer Motostrano is offering 20-30%-off of its 2015 Haibike XDUROs, which is a fantastic deal considering that there should be few differences between 2015 and 2016 models.

Propel Bikes in Brooklyn, NY has quite a few deals on remaining 2015s and demo models.

Electrobike’s Los Angeles-area dealers are offering 10-30%-off certain models, including one model with special $80/month (for 9 months) financing.

Boise Electric Bikes is closed on Black Friday, but is having a 15-25%-off sale on certain models including:

  • Felt Outfitter Demo
  • Yuba El Mundo Demo
  • Yuba el Boda Boda
  • A2B Ferber
  • Emotion City
  • …and more

Are there any sales that we’re missing? Drop us a line on our Contact page and let us know.

  • Eric is having insane deals right now for Black Friday.

    BBSHD for $70 off.
    Golden pie v5 hub motor kit $290.
    Save $80 on any of our rear rack batteries.
    Save $150 on the brand new 3000-watt cyclone drive $299 for a limited time.
    $85 off when you buy any motor kit with a battery. Use coupon code ALLBLACK at checkout.
    Lights with built-in voltage converters on sale as well.

  • Catherine Strain

    Hey Cameron,

    I noticed we’ve had visitors come to our site ( from this page. I figured it would be best to inform visitors of Propel’s 2016 Black Friday Electric Bike Sales. So here they are:

    Black Friday Savings:
    Free Shipping | Use Coupon Code: SHIPSFREE
    -10% off New Electric Bike | Contact Us ( for Details (**some brands excluded)

    Cyber Monday Savings:
    Free Shipping | Use Coupon Code: FREESHIPPING (**sale items excluded)
    10% of Purchase Price in Free Accessories | Contact Us ( for Your Free Accessories


    Happy Holidays!
    Cat Strain