Blue Label Charger GT45

BY Cameron Newland

North American ebike aficionados may draw a blank when the name ‘Blue Label’ is mentioned, but that’s not so across the pond in good ‘ol Deutschland, where Blue Label is a well established marque.


One of their most striking models is the Charger GT45 (above), a 28 MPH-capable S-pedelec graced with the famous Gulf Racing livery (blue and orange) made famous by the Gulf Racing teams who paraded their Ford GT40s and Porsche 917s around many a racetrack over the years.


It sells for around €4,000 and comes with an integrated headlight and taillight, a 350W Bosch mid-drive motor, and an upmarket front suspension from Fox. The frame design is modern and sporty, and the paint job makes the bike really stand out amongst the typically monochrome palette that graces ebikes these days.


Blue Label GT45. Photo by Sander Tweewielers.

Blue Label isn’t currently distributed in the US, so if you want to get your hands on a nice German ebike, your only options at the moment are Grace, Kalkhoff/Focus, and the ever-ubiquitous Haibike. Or you can try your luck at having one of these shipped across the Atlantic, but we think that’ll cost a pretty penny.