Bolt Motorbikes Raises Over $200,000 In Crowdfunding Campaign For Its M-1 Electric Moped

BY Cameron Newland
Bolt M-1 Electric Bike

San Francisco, California based Bolt Motorbikes, raised over $200,000 on crowd funding platform Indiegogo to bring their electric motorbike, the M-1, to production.

Described as the “Tesla of motorbikes,” Bolt motorbikes’ successful campaign, which ended on October 28,015, exceeded its crowdfunding goal and kept going. A limited run of M-1 motorbikes are available at

Cool Material referred to the bike as “The perfect vehicle for the city dweller: an e-bike that effortlessly blends the style of a vintage motorcycle with the practically of a bicycle”, and Top Speed said, “There are multitude of things to like about the Bolt M-1.”

A bike that gets it right with styling, practicality and technology.”

Co-founders Nathan Jauvtis and Zach Levenberg are lifetime motorcycle riders who set out to solve the problems associated with urban transportation. They built smart, fully electric motorbike that they, themselves, wanted to ride and that beginner riders would also enjoy. The M-1 has the performance and handling that experienced rider’s want, but at only 140 pounds, people who have never ridden a powered two-wheeler can hop on and ride with ease. It’s lightweight yet rugged construction makes the M-1 perfect for the harsh demands of city riding. Bolt Motorbikes brings the sun of freedom of riding a motorcycle but without the cost, hassle, or responsibility that comes with a big, heavy motorcycle.”

The Bolt M-1 comes with both an economy and sport mode, and has the following key features:

  • A top speed of 40MPH
  • Easily switch between Economy and Sport Mode
  • No license, registration, or insurance required
  • Hi-tech: keyless entry, password protected, USB charger, and Bluetooth mobile app
  • Real power and style: the most motorcycle-like feel and appearance of any e-bike
  • Patented quick-release battery and drivetrain
  • Tesla-like Regenerative braking
  • Easy to ride
  • Rugged construction – built for the city

The funding from the campaign will serve to build 100 motorbikes, build the team infrastructure to deliver, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

The Bolt M-1 costs U.S. $5,495, and though their timed campaign has ended, Bolt is still accepting orders for its first production run here via an IndieGoGo InDemand campaign, which is designed to allow crowdfunded startups the ability to continue to accept orders even after their initial crowdfunding campaign ends.