You Can Be The Owner Of Robin Williams’ Electric Bike

Robin Williams, the late actor who made the world laugh, was also a huge bicycle enthusiast. He owned dozens of bicycles of all types, and right now they’re up for auction, with proceeds benefiting the Challenged Athletes Foundation and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Curiously, there is one electric bike in Williams’ collection, a PiCycle that […]

The Greyp G12H

This time around, Greyp focuses on range instead of top speed for its heavyweight electric superbike.

Will The Tesla Model 3 Reduce Battery Prices?

Lithium-ion batteries power all sorts of electric vehicles, including cars, bikes and skateboards. Historically, the price of lithium batteries has fallen about 7% per year, so it’s only a matter of time until the necessary scale is achieved to make electric vehicles cost-competitive with internal combustion vehicles. That time is fast approaching. Tesla Motors has grand plans […]

Testing Electric Bikes In Rome

Italians get a chance to test drive electric bikes in the Eternal City, and we provide a brief overview of the Italian electric bike market.