Ebikes In Industry: Send Us Your Photos

BY Cameron Newland

One of the most powerful and compelling cases to use an ebike is for local delivery of lightweight goods in urban and suburban areas. In fact, there have been so many ebikes used in New York City to deliver take-out food that the state ended up banning ebikes there because New Yorkers thought that the popularity of ebikes had made them a nuisance.

California Pizza Kitchen Ebike Delivery Los Angeles Westwood California
An A2B ebike used to deliver pizza in Los Angeles’ Westwood neighborhood

Ebikes aren’t very visible to consumers, and part of the reason is that consumers simply don’t know that ebikes are in use at thousands of businesses. How can you help? Well, if you happen to have any photos, videos, or stories about ebikes being used for delivery or transportation, go ahead and drop us a line at editor@overvolted.com and we might share your story with the ebike community.


An ebike being used for deliveries in Bogotá, Colombia