Faraday Outs New Sub-$3,000 Porteur S Model

BY Cameron Newland

San Francisco-based ebike brand Faraday has had a hit product with its beautiful retro bike, the Porteur. However, one of the major drawbacks to the bike has been its relatively high price of $3,499, which is even harder to swallow when you consider its limited power output (250W) and limited range (<20 miles). [gallery link="none" columns="4" ids="131,130,129,128,127,126,125,124"] The company has apparently been paying close attention to the preferences of ebike buyers, and has just announced a less-expensive model, the Porteur S, which is now available for pre-order at $2,799.

So what’s changed? First of all, you get a chain instead of a Gates Carbon Drive belt, a 5-speed Sturmey-Archer internally geared rear hub instead of the 8 (or 11)-speed, alloy fenders instead of bamboo, and synthetic cork handlebar grips instead of leather. Other than that, the battery and motor are the same, so the Porteur S should offer similar performance for less money, and less money should mean higher sales volumes for Faraday, which is good for the company and the ebike market as a whole.

On a humorous note, the company posted this side-to-side shot to its Twitter account, asking users to see how many differences they could spot between the upmarket Porteur and the cheaper Porteur S:


We think we’ll go with the pizza-equipped version.