German Motor Foundry Brose To Offer S-Pedelec Mid-Drive

BY Cameron Newland

Brose, the well-known motor manufacturer whose mid-drive motor powers the Specialized Turbo Levo, has just announced a new mid-drive motor that offers pedal-assist up to 28MPH (45KPH).


The motor offers throttle support up to 12MPH and walking assist up to 6MPH, and the first examples have already left the factory in Berlin and are on their way to a handful of (currently unknown) ebike manufacturers.

It’s not clear if the motor is all-new or if it’s simply a┬áthe same motor system with a higher maximum speed setting.

Since Brose’s motor was selected by Specialized to power the new Specialized Turbo Levo electric bikes, this new higher-speed motor could power the next-generation of Specialized Turbos for the road, which have thus far relied on GoSwissdrive hub motors.

The new Brose S-pedelec motor could help Brose offer stiffer competition to its fellow countryman Bosch, which has thus-far focused primarily on pedelecs as opposed to speed pedelecs. Brose’s newfound emphasis on speed could differentiate Brose-powered ebikes from their 20MPH-limited Bosch-powered competition.