Haibike Now Taking Pre-Orders For New XDURO Fullcarbon

BY Cameron Newland

Though Haibike has been teasing the US market with photos of its XDURO Fullcarbon and a promised release this spring, it’s only just become available for pre-order from an actual shop (Motostrano), so we imagine that it’s only a matter of weeks before the first few examples make their way over to our fair shores. The bike, with a US MSRP of $9,500, appears to be the Fullcarbon RX trim level, which comes with Mavic wheels and shocks from RockShox and Fox (front and rear, respectively).


The €13,499 Haibike XDURO Fullcarbon Ultimate.

The Bosch-powered ebike sports a rare combination of a carbon fiber frame paired with a full suspension. Trail riders with $9,500 burning a hole in their pockets ought to get ready to drop some serious cash, because this bike promises to be quite the off-road performer, especially considering the almost universal acclaim that is showered upon Haibike offroad models by influential ebike reviewer Court Rye.

There’s no word yet on the final weight that we can expect for the Fullcarbon, but since the aluminum-framed full suspension Haibike XDURO FS RX weighs 48lbs, we’d put good money on the Fullcarbon tipping the scales somewhere just above 40lbs.

  • TheChoketownDangler

    40 pound trail bike. That’s just retarded. The first one of these I see at my local spot — I’m running it down, stealing the battery and taking it to the recycler.

    Electric bikes are for pussies.

    • COhigh

      Hey Choke, I have a few questions. If you hate ebikes so much, why are you spending time on an ebike website? Have you ever ridden one? Ever talked to a person that owns one? Or are just ready to make blanket assumptions and make threatening comments without trying to learn something new about life?

      • TheChoketownDangler

        New life? Get the hell out of here. Lazy life is a better characterization.

        Lose about 30 pounds and do the required work to access terrain. Sitting back and downing cheeseburgers, then adding a motor to a bike so you don’t have to overtax your fat ass to get uphill is a copout.

        And, go ahead and play that idiotic “disabled rider” card. What happens when a “disabled rider” has a mechanical, kills a battery, or most likely crashes on his/her face 15 miles from the trailhead? That’s right. They’re still disabled, and they’re stranded.

        As for your first question, I don’t spend any time on any ebike sites. I heard there was a FS copout machine available, thought it had to be a stupid prank, so I came to see for myself. Looks like it’s real, and as overweight and incapable as your average eBike shill.

        Do yourself a favor — stay off of mountain bike trails with this turd, kid. You’ll get hurt.

        Show a shred of integrity. Put in the hard miles under human power, and then you can share trails with legitimate users. Until then, paved paths, bike lanes are your domain.

        • COhigh

          Haha! That’s classic! No experience or background on ebikes but all the opinions! I’m not sure if you have kids, but if you don’t I’m sure you offer all the parenting advice you can!
          I assume you skin your way to the top of the mountain and ski down. No self respecting hard ass like yourself would ever not put in the hard work and use a lift. Speaking of lifts, I’m guessing you never use a lift service for bombing downhill right? That would be using an electric motor to get up and again not putting in the effort.
          Thanks for assuming I’m an ebike rider too! (I’m not).
          Maybe you could reach out to Gary Fisher and tell that “kid” how wrong he is for supporting ebikes. Maybe you could reach out to the founder of IMBA and tell him how stupid he is and how he is going to get “hurt” for supporting ebikes. Maybe you could reach out to Aaron Hodkins and tell him his accomplishments are without merit now because he supports ebikes. Maybe you could do some research.
          Nope, you won’t. Why spoil a good thing with knowledge, right?
          I saw you bitch out a BART rider about assuming they are so self centered to assume the train is all theirs; that other people ride the train a and to get over themselves. Well, get over yourself.

      • charles sanders

        Well said.