Happy Back To The Future Day From Overvolted.com!

BY Cameron Newland
Back To The Future Electric Bike

Though many associate the Back To The Future series with cars, the truth is that bicycles are in fact very important to the storyline:

  • Main character Marty McFly rode a pink bicycle with rockets attached to it to save Doc from the paddywagon.
  • On November 5, 1955, George McFly rode his bike to Lou’s Cafe to have breakfast. Later, he rode it from the cafe to a tree near the Baines residence.
  • On November 12, 1955, Doc used a bicycle to get around and rode it to Biff’s garage to help get Marty out.
  • In the fictional setting of Hill Valley in 1955, bikes could be purchased at Hal’s Bike Shop which was located in Courthouse Square.
Doc Courthouse Square Bicycle Bike