Light Up Your Torch

BY Cameron Newland
Torch T2 Helmet Lights Wet

One of the most innovative cycling products to hit the market over the last few years is undoubtedly the Torch T2 LED-light bicycle helmet. It makes its wearer much more visible on the road, especially when used in the power-saving blinking mode.

The Torch T2 helmet has white LED lights in the front and red LED lights in the rear, matching the lighting setup of cars and motorcycles.

What I love most about my Torch helmet is that I can charge it up from any 5V USB outlet, so I can get a charge from any phone charger. Today, I’m charging up my Torch from my 5V solar panel (the Anker PowerPort Solar 21W). Not that I need to charge it often – to the contrary, the Torch T2 gets up to 12 hours of lighting when used on the power-sipping blink mode, so you can go on many rides with your Torch helmet between charges.

Anker Solar Panel Torch Helmet

Strangely, the optimal places to mount lighting on a bicycle actually aren’t on the bike at all, because the bicycle itself is only a few feet off the ground, and hence any lights that you mount to the bicycle itself may not be seen by others when a light hill or obstacle separates you from other road users, whereas having lights mounted higher, on a rider’s helmet, can make a cyclist more visible even when obscured by hills or obstacles, and this crucial distinction could just be the difference between being seen by a motorist or getting hit by them.

Check out the Torch T2 helmet here.