How Much Range Can I Expect On An Electric Bike?

BY Cameron Newland

The range of an electric bike depends on many factors, including rider weight and size, wind conditions, throttle usage/pedal input, ambient temperature, and how flat or hilly one’s route is. With this in mind, there is no single figure that can tell you how far your bike will go. The only way to know is to hop on the bike and test it out yourself, so having a local dealer with demo bikes is invaluable.

Up until now, the only source of range information for electric bikes has been the manufacturers themselves and Electric Bike Review’s bike reviews, which often mirror the manufacturer’s specs (Court doesn’t have time to range-test every bike on the planet, does he?). Luckily, this lack of testing data is changing. Mikey from Blue Monkey Bicycles in Salt Lake City has compiled a preliminary list of range test figures here and has shot a few brief YouTube video overviews of the range test to make the test data more accessible (not all folks looking for range data will be searching for it on Google, and it makes sense to let people stumble onto ebike range data on YouTube, even though YouTube is far from the ideal place to disseminate data!).

Kudos to Mikey and Blue Monkey Bicycles for the useful real-world data!