Google and Vanmoof Announce Self-Driving Electric Bicycle

One of the simplest, most modern electric bicycle designs is the Electrified 3 from the Dutch manufacturer Vanmoof: Google has taken the Electrified 3 and added a front LIDAR sensor (along with some sophisticated electronics) to enable the Electrified 3 to become fully autonomous.

Will The Tesla Model 3 Reduce Battery Prices?

Lithium-ion batteries power all sorts of electric vehicles, including cars, bikes and skateboards. Historically, the price of lithium batteries has fallen about 7% per year, so it’s only a matter of time until the necessary scale is achieved to make electric vehicles cost-competitive with internal combustion vehicles. That time is fast approaching. Tesla Motors has grand plans […]

The ETT Trayser

The Kiwis have announced a bike that will let you integrate 3D-printed accessories and replacement parts. Welcome to the future!

The Hutch Superbike

Speed demons in the 1980s certainly had some options available to them, just not the electrically-propelled variety.