The Yamaha YPJ-R Electric Road Bike

Yamaha has come up with a road bike with a drop of electric assist, and though it won’t break any speed records, it could be a good thing for the electric bike market.

The 2016 BH Easy Motion Revo Series

BH Easy Motion created a nice informative video overview of their new REVO line, complete with a high-end mid-drive motor from the German engineers at Brose.

The Sondors Thin

Storm Sondors has done it again. Now his inexpensive crowdfunded electric bike has lost its fatbike tires, and a considerable amount of weight!

The Biktrix MonteCapro

After finding success with their crowdfunded Juggernaut and Stunner models, Canada-based Biktrix just announced the value-priced full-suspension MonteCapro.