Russian Aerospace Company Carbon Lab Shows Off New Carbon Fiber Ebike Prototypes

BY Cameron Newland

If you’re in the market for a carbon fiber electric bike, your options are pretty limited. That might be about to change, however, thanks to Russian aerospace engineering and fabrication firm Carbon Lab, which has put its top engineers on a new project to build a pair of very sexy ebike prototypes:


The first prototype seems to be a sort of chopper-meets-Batmobile, and sports a carbon fiber frame painted white with a heavy dose of clearcoat. The frame seems to sport a kind of built-in fairing, which, though some might think it purely ornamental, might actually offer some limited aerodynamic benefit.


The build sports a nice big screen built in to the toptube, à la Stromer ST2, as well as a set of PAS mode buttons for good measure.


We’re not sure who would win in a race, but surely the Smart car would make the better towing mule.


Their second prototype is a beach cruiser-style ebike with similarly out-there design, a traditional front suspension fork, and a proprietary belt drive:


For you fanboys who can’t wait to get one of these toys to play with on the grounds of your new dacha, prices start at $7,000 plus shipping, but we have yet to hear how much the fur-lined, gold-plated version will cost.

  • Phoghat

    “$7,000 plus shipping” and probably next month it will be on AliBaba for $1,500 FOB