Seattle Mayor Proposes Bike Share Expansion Including Electric Bikes

BY Cameron Newland
seattle bike share pronto electric bicycle

Seattle’s electric bike share program has faced an uphill battle (excuse the pun) stemming from the city’s hilly topography, its strict mandatory helmet law, and its rainy climate, but against all those disadvantages, Pronto riders have logged more than 300,000 miles in the progam’s first year.

According to NBC affiliate KING5 news, the Mayor has plans to expand the system with $5 million in city spending as well as an infusion of federal transportation funds, and also plans to introduce electric bikes to the bike share system, which may help to flatten Seattle’s numerous hills and increase bike share ridership. “If you’re riding an electric bike, you can go up a hill in the City of Seattle with as much ease as you were riding on flat ground,” according to Seattle Department of Transportation Director Scott Kubly.

Pronto currently counts some 500 bike at 50 stations, but the plan is to expand it to 2,500 bikes at 250 stations.

Original Article — KING5 News