Bike Attack Electric+ - Santa Monica, California

Bike Attack Electric+
2904 Main St
Santa Monica, California 90405
United States


Bike Attack Electric+ opened in February 2015 and has a sister shop, Bike Attack, that has operated in the area for 20 years and primarily sells traditional bicycles.

Stromer Electric Bikes at Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica, CA

Bike Attack Electric+ is the largest Stromer dealer in Southern California and has many Stromer ST1s and Stromer ST2s in stock, so if you’re looking to test drive a Stromer in Los Angeles, Bike Attack Electric should be your starting point. The shop also stocks the very popular Easy Motion line of bikes, and is also certified to service Bosch and Bionx systems.

Co-owner Andrew Smith says that Bike Attack Electric+ aims to be highest quality ebike shop in L.A., to carry the best brands, and to offer the best customer service, and though the shop is picky about what brands it chooses to sell, Bike Attack Electric+ will service any brand of electric bike.