The Stromer ST1X

BY Cameron Newland

Swiss electric bike maker Stromer is retiring the ST1, its onetime flagship model, and is replacing it with the ST1X, a budget version of its $7,000 ST2 model.

Stromer ST1X

The ST1X is built upon an ST2 frame but comes with a smaller 618Wh battery (the ST2 comes with 814Wh) as well as a down-tuned CYRO Drive 500W rear hub motor with 35Nm of torque. With a decent amount of pedaling, the bike’s range is up to 74 miles with the standard battery, however, the ST1X is compatible with the larger 814Wh battery from the ST2, so there are easy battery upgrade options available for those who need a little extra juice.

Stromer ST1X

The ST1X features a single front chainring and 11 cogs on the rear, with a Shimano SLX setup handling shifts. The front headlight for the European market is the Roxim X4 EP, which offers up to 400 lumens of light, however, the US version will come with a Supernova headlight, and this same headlight may one day power the European ST1X. The ST1X weighs 26kg (57 lbs), which is a few kilos lighter than the ST2.

Stromer ST1X

Like the ST2, the ST1X includes a touchscreen interface mounted on the top tube and includes GPS tracking. Available colors are white, black and orange.

Stromer ST1X

Regarding the motor, it’s unclear if the new CYRO Drive is a brand new design, as it features a continuous power rating that’s exactly the same as to the SYNO Drive motor on the ST2 (500W). The best guess of knowledgeable members of electric bike forums is that the CYRO Drive might offer slightly less peak power (perhaps 900-1000W?) than the ST2, which offers approximately 1200W at peak. This would put it in the same range of peak power as the outgoing ST1.


There will be a mid-step model offered in the 17″ size, and regular high-step frames will be available in 17″, 20″, and 22″. Pricing has been announced for Europe, where the ST1X will retail for just under €5,000 ($5,662 USD at the exchange rate when this article was published). Stromer has said that the ST1X would sell in approximately the same price range as the outgoing ST1, and if true, this would mean that the ST1X would go on sale in the US for around $4,300, however, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the ST1X go on sale for $5,000, either.


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  • Lap Nguyen

    Top secret info. Nice to know. Just like the st2 s version. You are the first website to let the public know. Keep up the good work.

  • Ravi Kempaiah

    Retail price is $4990.
    The production version will have Supernova light.
    CYRO motor has different motor connector.