Stromer ST2 Finally Gets Optional Front Suspension Fork

BY Cameron Newland

Though it’s one of the most highly-regarded S-pedelecs on the market, the Stromer ST2 has always had two major downsides: a portly weight and no suspension. One of these issues will never be tackled, but the other is getting solved as we speak.

Stromer ST2 Front Suspension Fork

According to The New Wheel, Stromer has decided upon the SR Suntour EpiXon front suspension fork for duty on the ST2, and it also comes with a new front fender. The EpiXon fork has a remote lockout that can be mounted on the handlebars, and this remote lockout feature is especially helpful when it comes to climbing hills, as the suspension fork can be made to behave more like a rigid fork while climbing so as to transfer more of the energy from the rider’s pedaling motion to the rear wheel instead of losing that energy due to the shock’s dampening. The fork will be available in two different finishes to better match the paint color of your ST2.

Check out The New Wheel’s post for more info.