Swiss Daredevil Freddy Nock Rides Stromer Electric Bike On A Tightrope For Guiness World Record

BY Cameron Newland

Did you think you got a lot of air on that high-speed singletrack jump? You’ve got nothing on Freddy Nock!

The Swiss daredevil is well known for his Guiness World Record tightrope walk through the alps, but now he’s brought his exploits to the shores of Lake Zurich atop a Stromer electric bike!


The tightrope was 485 meters long, and ran from Erlenbach’s church tower all the way to its train station.


The tightrope route’s difficulty was compounded by the fact that it ran uphill, at an average 3.7% grade.


Freddy Nock won two Guiness World Records, one for the longest tightripe bike ride, and one for the steepest tightrope bike ride ascent.


Nock trained for this record-breaking attempt for five years.


The record attempt occurred above a large streetfair, Chilbi Erlenbach.


The bike that Nock rode in his record attempt weighed 20kg (44lbs).