The 2016 Haibike Lineup and Pricing

BY Cameron Newland

One of the biggest announcements at Interbike was the definitive introduction of the Yamaha-powered Haibike SDURO line, which offers a lower-cost alternative to the high-end Bosch system that has powered Haibike’s XDURO line for so many years.

The bombshell: MSRPs as low as $2,499 for Haibike SDUROs with decent specs.

The ground under the entire electric bike industry just shook a little.

Another big update is that there will be five 28MPH-capable Haibike models in the US in 2016, whereas in 2015, I believe there were only two or three, with two of them being $8,000+ showpiece bikes that were out of reach for most buyers. This year, 28MPH Haibikes will be within reach for more buyers, with most S-pedelec models coming in under $5,000.

Haibike’s 28MPH-capable S-pedelecs for 2016:

  • Urban S RX – $4,999
  • Race S RX – $5,199
  • Trekking S RX (high/low step) – price TBD
  • FullSeven S RX – $4,699
  • FullSeven S PRO – $5,699

Without further ado, here’s the new 2016 Haibike lineup: