The 2016 Juiced Riders CrossCurrent

BY Cameron Newland

A big theme at this year’s Interbike trade show in Las Vegas was lower pricing, as demonstrated by the monumental news that Haibike is bringing its lower-cost SDURO line to the US, shaving off fully $1,000 from the MSRP of its base model. Juiced Riders, an ebike brand that’s well known for its ODK U500 cargo bike that offers the largest battery and longest range in the industry, also has a low-cost entrant up its sleeve.

Meet the CrossCurrent:

2016 Juiced Riders CrossCurrent electric bike

2016 Juiced Riders CrossCurrent

The CrossCurrent is a good looking hardtail electric bike with a Suntour NCX front suspension fork, a semi-hidden downtube battery with Samsung cells, torque-sensing pedal assist, a 350W Bafang geared hub motor in the rear with support up to 28MPH, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and a Shimano Alivio 9 speed rear derailleur. Most importantly, it will sell for just $1,499 with a two year warranty, which is fully $1,500 less than similarly-spec’d competitors from IZIP and Easy Motion.

Two battery options will be offered: 7.8Ah and 10.4Ah, and the 10.4Ah version will probably be the best option, since a 7.8Ah battery generally won’t give you more than 15 miles of range when using a high pedal assist mode, but the smaller battery option will be just fine for riders who just need to make short trips around town or who don’t want to ride at high speeds.

When the CrossCurrent comes to market early next spring, it may just redefine the marketplace in terms of value and price. For the first time, a respected, established ebike manufacturer will be offering a model that as able to compete on price with low-cost entrants from the crowdfunding world (the $1,500 RadRover, principally) and offer specs that are comparable to retail bikes that cost twice as much (IZIP E3 Dash, Easy Motion Evo Cross). In fact, this bike might just be less expensive than a home-built DIY ebike with similar specs! At only $1,499, the forthcoming CrossCurrent is sure to be a hit, but you may have to wait until February 2016 to get yours.


The CrossCurrent’s five assist modes

Spec sheet:

2016 Juiced Riders CrossCurrent Spec Sheet

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