The Biktrix MonteCapro

BY Cameron Newland

Canadian electric bike company Biktrix, best known for its successful Juggernaut and Stunner models, has just released details of its upcoming MonteCapro (the name is a reference to the mountain goat in Italian), a full-suspension electric bike that will go on sale at an introductory price of just $1,599.

Biktrix MonteCapro Electric Bike

The big stories here are the price, which is very attractive, and the full-suspension, which is often an option that is only offered on electric bikes that sell at price points in excess of $3,000 (see the Haibike FS RX).

Another interesting fact about the MonteCapro is that it will be one of the first bikes on the market that’s available with the Bafang Max, a mid-drive motor that requires the use of a custom-built frame and that looks visually similar to the Bosch mid-drive motor, a departure from the more universally-compatible Bafang motors like the BBS01, the BBS02, and the BBSHD. The Bafang Max is known to pack 350W of nominal motor power, and though the Max on the MonteCapro is no different, the marketing materials for the MonteCapro lists the motor’s peak output as being in excess of 500W. That would fall in line with our expectation of what the Max is capable of and probably isn’t hyperbole, but it means that speed demons might consider looking elsewhere, as a 350W electric bike cannot easily maintain 28MPH on flat ground, and is more comfortable cruising in the 20-25MPH range. The modest top speed isn’t likely to dissuade MonteCapro buyers, however, as they’ll likely be looking to use the bike off-road and hence don’t really care about achieving high top speeds. And this bike may actually be faster than we give it credit for. According to Roshan Thomas, founder of Biktrix, the MonteCapro “easily reaches 30 mph peaks”. He’s even promised a video to prove it, which we’ll post here as soon as we see it.

So what’s the bike missing? Not much, really. Electric cyclists who prefer high-end full-suspension bikes are pretty spoiled by the luxuries of remote suspension lockouts and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. The MonteCapro sports disc brakes, but they might be of the mechanical variety, and if so, they might require more brake cable adjustments than hydraulic disc brakes would. The MonteCapro also offers suspension lockouts, however, it’s not yet clear if these are remote lockouts (accessible from the handlebars) or if you’ll have to come to a stop and hop off the bike before making those adjustments to help you huff up hills more efficiently. This could mean that serious off-road types might want to skip this bike and buy a more expensive OHM, Lapierre, or a Haibike.

Another potential ownership issue with the MonteCapro is service. Given that neither Bafang nor Biktrix has a large service network, it’s not clear how easy it would be to get warranty service (or any kind of service, for that matter) if your bike were to have mechanical trouble. Most local bike shops would be able to do service on the more universal parts on the bike, however, when it comes to servicing the Bafang motor, the battery, or the controller, you might be out of luck.

Where do you buy one?

Considering that Biktrix has done a few rounds of crowdfunding for their previous models, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them go that route again, primarily selling direct but also through a handful of dealers. When will the MonteCapro become available? Well, it’s not available in stores just yet, so be patient. Right now, there’s no official launch date, but you can sign up on Biktrix’s website here so that they can shoot you an email when they’re ready to take pre-orders.