The Daymak EC1 (Electric Carbon 1)

BY Cameron Newland

Canadian electric vehicle brand Daymak has just announced their newest electric bike, the EC1.

Daymak EC1 Electric Carbon 1 Electric Bike

Lower weight

The $1,899 EC1 is unique: it’s one of only a handful of electric bikes with a carbon fiber frame. What does that mean? Less frame weight. In fact, all three models (the EC1, the EC1 Advanced, and the EC1 Pro) weigh in at less than 35 lbs, making them some of the lightest production e-bikes ever sold. The $3,499 EC1 Pro takes lightness a step further, weighing in at just 28lbs!

Daymak EC1 Pro Electric Carbon 1 Electric Bike

Another interesting feature of the EC1 Pro is that it has drop handlebars, which are generally only used on road-racing bikes, touring bikes, and cyclocross bikes. This may appeal to those who want to get where they’re going in a flash, but due to the very agressive forward body position, many buyers might instead opt for the more pedestrian EC1 Advanced, which offers a more traditional flat bar setup that is likely more comfortable for those who aren’t weekend bike racers.

Design compromises had to be made somewhere…

So what does one have to give up in order to get such a lightweight, inexpensive e-bike? The first thing I noticed was the bike’s meager range. The base EC1’s 24V battery offers just 208Wh of capacity, and the 280Wh/36V pack that’s specified for the Advanced and Pro models, while larger than the base pack, still falls far below the battery capacity of its peers. Only the Faraday Porteur offers such a small battery on a city bike, but on the Porteur, you can get 20-25 miles of range, whereas the EC1’s range is listed by the manufacturer at just 15-18 miles.

The bike’s power output of 250W will strike some consumers as anemic, while others might think it’s more than ample. The ideal power output for an electric bike is a personal, subjective determination. With a lightweight bike like this one, 250W is just fine for going around town, but speed demons will certainly demand more than the EC1 can offer, and climbing hills might be a bit of a chore with this bike compared to 500W competitors from Easy Motion and IZIP, but hopefully the bike’s light weight will help make up for the lack of power.

A very unique bike that offers excellent value

Though the EC1’s range is awfully short and its power output isn’t going to have you winning any stoplight-to-stoplight races, it does sport a very attractive price. With two trim levels under $2,000, the EC1 will certainly appeal to buyers who are priced out of the mid-range of the e-bike market that is dominated by IZIP and Easy Motion. Certainly, sacrifices have been made during the EC1’s design phase in order to produce a bike that’s this inexpensive – the entry-level Shimano EZ-Fire shifters and Suntour-esque front suspension fork are proof of that – but still, this bike offers serious value for the price, especially when you consider the features on this bike that you can’t readily get anywhere else.