The Denny Bike Gets A Tentative Launch Date

BY Cameron Newland

The winner of last year’s Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project, the Denny Bike from Teague and Sizemore Bicycle, is indeed going into production this year with a run of at least 100 (and likely around 1000) examples. According to comments made in’s video interview with the Denny Bike’s design team, we can look forward to being able to buy a Denny Ebike of our own from Fuji dealers beginning in October 2015.

Fuji is planning on producing two different versions of the Denny Bike, one with electric assist, and one without. This makes a lot of sense, considering that the original Denny Bike design called for some very expensive and very custom components, including a Gates Carbon Drive, a minimalist fender that uses rubber strips to rid the bicycle tire of water from the road surface by physically scraping it away from the tire surface, a custom front cargo rack, a removeable/lockable handlebar that serves double-duty as a bike lock, an Arduino microcontroller board, an Intel Edison radio/chip, an RFduino chip, two lithium ion batteries, a custom LED lighting array, and a SRAM 2-speed automatic-shifting IGH built within a wirelessly-controlled rear hub motor. Hopefully the production version will simplify some of the electronics so that the resulting bike will be able to come in at a lower pricepoint. Pricing has not been announced, but if we had to guess, we’d peg pricing at $4,000 for the electric-assist model and $2,500 for the conventionally-propelled bicycle.