The FEDDZ 45 Electric Moped

BY Cameron Newland
FEDDZ Electric Moped

FEDDZ has just won a German Design Council award for its innovative electric moped line, which made us think that we should provide an overview of the bike.

FEDDZ Electric Moped

The FEDDZ, which stands for ‘Fast Electric Drive DynamicZ’, is a line of bikes that are somewhat of a cross between an electric bicycle, an electric dirtbike, and an electric moped. The frame of the FEDDZ is somewhat similar to electric dirtbikes like the Stealth H52, with a moped-style seat, beefy battery box, and strong swingarm, but it appears to use a regular mountain bike front suspension fork, whereas the Stealth H52 has gone for a more moped-style or motorcycle-style front suspension fork. The frame has the added bonus of having a built-in storage area above the battery for storing your jacket or bag, which is a nice feature considering that most mopeds aren’t set up for mounting cargo racks and/or panniers.

FEDDZ Electric Moped

The FEDDZ is quite a bit heavier than most electric bikes, weighing in at 72lbs (33kg), however, that makes it an absolute lightweight compared with traditional mopeds, which weigh 120-140lbs, or other electric mopeds like the Bolt M-1, which also weighs 140lbs.

How strong is the FEDDZ in the power department? Again, it’s somewhere in between an electric bike and an electric moped, offering 2,000W of nominal/sustained power and 4,000W of peak power, which is less than the 5.5kW that the Bolt M-1 puts out, but if more than 5X more powerful than the average electric bicycle.

Another place where the FEDDZ shines is range. Since the designers didn’t have to worry as much about keeping the weight down, they were able to fit some gigantic batteries on the bike, which range from 1.6kWh to 2.1kWh and provide 60-100 miles of range depending on which battery option you select. Also, you have the choice of either a 25kph model or a 45kph model, which is quite useful if you happen to live in a place that restricts your speed to 25kph, however, we imagine that most bikes that FEDDZ sells will be of the 45kph variety, as 25kph is simply too slow to get around most cities.

What I love most about the FEDDZ is its design. Its frame is aggressive and modern, and the bike has a full suspension to soak up road bumps as well as enough power to climb any hill. Realistically, this bike could probably exceed 30MPH if it weren’t electronically limited due to regulatory considerations, however, in many places 28MPH (45KPH) is quick enough to get where you need to go with time to spare.