The Greyp G12H

BY Cameron Newland

Greyp, the Croatian R-pedelec maker that is associated with electric supercar manufacturer Rimac, has just announced the G12H at Intermot 2016 in Cologne, Germany. The G12H is a long-range version of its G12S.

Greyp G12H Electric Superbike

The G12H offers twice the range of the G12S. Greyp says the new bike can travel up to 240km (150 miles) on a single charge. Another interesting new addition is the rear cargo rack that bears the load right on the rear axle, which is a rarity on full-suspension electric bicycles. On both motorcycles and electric bicycles, typical designs for rear cargo racks on full suspension models generally call for the cargo weight to be borne by the seat tube, which decreases the unsprung weight and helps to ensure predictable handling and rear shock travel.

The existing G12S tops out at about 43MPH (70km/h), however, the new G12H is apparently street-legal, which may mean that its top speed has been lowered in order to increase its range.