Why It’s Time To Donate To Your Local Bicycle Advocacy Organization

BY Cameron Newland
Electric Bicycle Commuter Rider Bike Man

American motorists have AAA to lobby government on their behalf so that they’ll be able to have freedom of movement on roadways, so who is lobbying to protect your right to ride your electric bicycle to get where you need to go? Your local or regional bicycle advocacy organization, that’s who!

Yesterday’s signing of California AB 1096, the state bill which allows for the use of 28MPH electric bikes in bike lanes and 20MPH electric bikes on bike paths, is proof that sensible electric bicycle legislation is seeing some success in certain regions, but it should also prompt us as a community to assess the laws regarding electric bikes in other regions, and unfortunately, there is still quite a bit of work to be done.

So how can we hope to affect change in our local and regional laws to allow us to safely get around in an environmentally-friendly way? The best way is to make a donation to your local or regional bicycle advocacy organization, which allows them to speak to elected representatives and law enforcement on your behalf and make substantive changes that benefit all electric bicyclists.

As a result of the passing of California’s AB 1096, I just made a donation to the California Bicycle Coalition. Don’t know your local or regional organization? Another fantastic option is to give to PeopleForBikes.org, which advocates for bikes both regionally and on a national level, or the League of American Bicyclists. Click here for a comprehensive list of American organizations, and here for one covering Canada.

Better yet, don’t simply give to your local organization – get involved! Ask your local or regional leaders how they’re advancing laws for electric bikes now and what plans they have for legislation in the future. With your help, electric bike laws will become sensible in all jurisdictions, ensuring access to eco-friendly mobility for all.